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Super House International Beijing Hotel, Qiangqiang (Beijing) International Business Hotel befindet sich in der Hauptstraße der East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Peking, nordöstlich der Shilihe Brücke. Es befindet sich im CBD Business District und dem Eingang von Beijing Shanghai Autobahn.Das Hotel grenzt an die Pekinger Wirtschafts- und Technologische Entwicklungszone, in der Nähe der Hauptstadt und der Beijing Antique City. Es befindet sich im Verkehrsknotenpunkt der Shilihe Station der Metro Line 10, mit einem entwickelten Verkehrsnetz.
Qiangqiang (Beijing) International Business Hotel kombiniert den einzigartigen Jiangnan Design Stil mit moderner Kulturumgebung. Es verfügt über fast 300 Gästezimmer und Suiten mit verschiedenen Formen und Funktionen.
Gleichzeitig ist das Hotel mit 10-Konferenzräumen und Multifunktionshallen ausgestattet, die alle Arten von geschäftlichen Aktivitäten, Hochzeitsbankett, Themenparty und Bankettaktivitäten durchführen können, erstklassige Ausrüstung und Einrichtungen wie Geschäft, Konferenz, Catering, Unterhaltung und aufmerksame persönliche Dienstleistungen zur Verfügung stellen.
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Hotel FAQs
  • Wie weit ist das Hotel vom Capital Airport Beijing entfernt?

    Super House International Beijing Hotel ist 25.3km vom Flughafen entfernt.

  • Bietet das Super House International Beijing Hotel einen Abholservice?

    Ja, bitte kontaktieren Sie uns nach der Buchung.

  • Wie lauten die Check-in und Check-out Zeiten im Super House International Beijing Hotel?

    Check-in Zeit ist ab 12:00, und Check-out Zeit ist bis 14:00 im Super House International Beijing Hotel.

  • Hat die Super House International Beijing Hotel einen Pool und das Fitnessstudio?

    Das Hotel verfügt über einen Fitnessraum, aber keinen Swimmingpool. Erfahren Sie Einzelheiten zum Pool und anderen Ausstattungen auf dieser Seite.

  • Hat die Super House International Beijing Hotel ein Restaurant vor Ort?

    Ja, Sie können im Hotel essen.

  • Hat das Super House International Beijing Hotel Breitband oder Wifi?

    Ja, wenden Sie sich bitte an die Rezeption.

  • Akzeptiert das Super House International Beijing Hotel eine Vorauszahlung?

    Ja, bitte geben Sie die Bestellung vor der Kontaktaufnahme mit uns ein.

  • Akzeptiert das Super House International Beijing Hotel Kreditkarten?

    Nein, das Hotel akzeptiert keine Kreditkarten.

  • Wie viel kostet das Frühstück des Super House International Beijing Hotel?

    Frühstück CNY85 / Person.

  • Wieviel kostet der Aufenthalt in der Super House International Beijing Hotel?

    Die Preise beginnen bei CNY698, Dies hängt vom Zimmertyp und dem Datum ab.

Bewertungen Mehr
  • BIBO415263
  • flying3142009
    Not bad. Not bad. Not bad. Not bad
  • Jones0081
    Very good
  • multi-sources
    I feel very good, very good location, at two o'clock in the afternoon clock check out just fine.
  • Belle820
    Help friends book
  • cym166
    Friends said good condition good
  • jeanancy
    Comfortable and convenient, clean, recommend next time.
  • Moondance
    it 's not bad
  • jenleejiajia
    The room is clean, the transportation is convenient, very good
  • BILL1681688
    Not bad
  • goodbye-mylove
    Location next to Metro, very good
  • mmww playing
    Fair price!
  • wayne_wangwei
    It's very good. I'll continue to stay. Convenient transportation, clean room.
  • cdwiner
    Sounds good, is little expensive, easily accessible.
  • e02268955
    The price doesn't match the service
  • dany135
    The location is very chaotic, the driver is not willing to pull, the famous traffic jam area, has the subway, the morning rush hour can crowd you to death. Breakfast in general, not as good as the five ring Hotel, buffet cheap, good cost performance. The facilities are very good. It's humanized, but the room is too hot. The room is big. The service was very poor. The business center was just a decoration. There was something urgent to print. All the printers were broken. Very speechless. I don't think I'll stay next time
  • sendling
    Pretty good, service was good, there is no dedicated shower room
  • calculus
    Because their business places in the building next door, so every time to live this. especially like his family's bathtub, bath sleep particularly well.
  • jy02437954
    not bad
  • beijingdudu
    The front desk attitude was very bad
  • long58111
  • bluebee88
    Overall, the only bright spot is the service attitude is good than on the side of the ship
  • daisyd
    Yes, it's obvious that the hotel is very close to Shilihe, convenient!
  • jiri2000
    Which is very nice
  • e00165063
    The hotel has convenient transportation. The downstairs is the Shilihe store of line 10. There is a handsome man surnamed Jiang at the front desk. The service is very warm and considerate. I'll check in next time!
  • Daisy_D
    Business travel, near the ten mile Creek, the traffic is convenient.
  • darryfu
    The traffic is very convenient and lively.
  • The dripping forms into ice
  • David1100
    The hotel is located next to the East Third Ring Road in Beijing. The surrounding transportation is convenient. There is line 10 subway downstairs and there are many restaurants around. The hotel decoration is average, and the service is also average. The price should be above medium in Beijing, for the sake of convenient transportation.
  • totowoo1981
    After booking the hotel, I asked the front desk of the hotel that I couldn't find. Then I went to the front desk of the hotel in the middle of the night to check in. I opened the door and there was someone in the room. Then the front desk changed a room
  • linaisme
    It's a good choice. Friends still have to live.
  • ann311
    General feel hotel of facilities and management and four star standard has gap. 1, facilities old, and maintenance poor. has live had two times different of room, common exists of problem is; wardrobe old, push doors switch not smooth; Pajamas too old has, some mill broken has; shower between of door hinge pine, glass door below card in raised of block water along Shang, if not carefully too forced shut, glass has broken of dangerous; shower spent sprinkled is fixed type of, spent sprinkled water hole was scale jam serious, spray out of waterLine is a mess, there is no more water. 2, staff training is not in place. cleaning staff do not understand the rules, guests in the rooms, did not require clean, staff is also rose to knock at the door asking; waiter we meet guests, greeting does not know how to smile. In short, to live can be, but not when it is a four star, or will not balance.
  • bember
    Value for money good, recommended
  • d04401980
    Convenient transportation and good service, but the facilities are a little old
  • e00511750
    not bad Very convenient. Near the subway.
  • e01552585
    Breakfast is a little expensive and convenient
  • amandayou
    Hotels in East-South third ring road junction, near from where I work, nice hotel, room very clean, nice, also live in the
  • joy89
    Convenient location is also very good, the service was very helpful, room was very clean, I was going to the ten mile River, this hotel was recently, compared to high belongs to the value for the same price!
  • sugarsnow
    It's OK.
  • e02100048
    In general, services and facilities are not four-star standard
  • sslu3150
    The hotel is located in the South Road of East Third Ring Road, with convenient transportation and comfortable environment. The room is luxurious and the breakfast is rich. I'll check in next time.
  • cs082011
    That's it
  • cn082340
    Jam around the hotel, hotel, in Beijing, though prices are still quite reasonable
  • comftp
    Overall, I feel OK
  • panxiao19881117
    The hotel is located in the southeast Third Ring Road. Downstairs is Shilihe station of Metro Line 10. There are supermarkets, porridge shops, hot pot, KFC, m danglao, etc. nearby. It is very convenient. The hotel facilities are OK, but there is no wireless network. The bathtub in the bathroom is difficult to climb in. The edge of the bathtub is too wide. The circular arc landscape room is big enough. After living for six days, the breakfast was basically unchanged. There were many kinds of bread, but there were no snacks, cakes and so on. It was a little monotonous. Very good service. It's worth living.
  • sofitl
    It's OK, the next time you stay
  • freundx
    Quiet in the middle of trouble, with appropriate price and high cost performance, it is suitable for business travel and accommodation.
  • Tongli
    The facilities and service of the hotel are very good, very quiet. The fly in the ointment is that some facilities are a little worse, which is not in line with the star rating and price, and does not include breakfast. Generally speaking, it is worth recommending,
  • xu83138602
    No cost at all.
  • alanwangx
    Good. It's very convenient
  • ccbgyj
    The room booked is very large
  • fredacs
    Very good. I came here on a business trip before. This time I brought my parents and children to live. The subway is downstairs
  • Vengeanse
    Help others clause, seemingly can also look
  • cindy0970
    just so so
  • justmailit
    Very good hotel, excellent service, and convenient, in the subway, sanitation, all in all very nice
  • JINA336
    Overall very good, the facilities are a little old. The hotel is located in Shilihe, East Third Ring Road of Beijing. The subway is under the hotel. You can get to the airport, Beijing south station, Tiananmen Square and other scenic spots in the city by subway. The location is superior. The four-star hotel is in good order. There are Panjiayuan second-hand market, antique City and building materials City nearby. If you work near the East Third Ring Road, you can consider this hotel.
  • doublexxy
    Low cost performance
  • cyy5819
    Wireless not, computer doesn't work, accommodation in anger.
  • e00255659
    This hotel has been here five times. As long as you come here to do business, you will stay in this hotel. The breakfast is very rich, the room space is large, the bed is comfortable, and the transportation is very convenient.
  • Rollin.Xia
    All right
  • bateer75
    Dad said breakfast was average
  • baenuy
    Good service very satisfied
  • babystar719
    All right
  • Eddie888
    Very good. I'll come back later. The perfume in the hotel is heavier.
  • liujia19820314
    Everything else is good, but the network is too bad,
  • d00714385
    Hotel location is good, going out is not far from the subway. near ten mile Creek Festival and antique markets, interested friends can go. hotel near from Beijing railway station and Beijing South railway station, arrived within half an hour of play. hotel service and management standards, high quality of staff. rooms are clean, quiet and health. selecting the hotel business travel well!
  • elva luo
    The price is OK in Beijing, but I don't know what's in the room. It's uncomfortable. I had a headache all night
  • e00161830
    Overall very good, the facility is old, bedding repeated disinfection of taste is not very good, but the service was good, location good, go out the Metro and surrounding lots
  • e00166517
    Around so bad
  • angle214
    The hotel is for colleagues. It's very good. Generally speaking, the service and sanitation of the hotel are good. There are swimming pools and gymnasiums. But I'm very lazy. I didn't experience it. I can't give any evaluation. The hotel is old-fashioned. Although it's newly decorated, the toilet can't cheat people. It's very small. It's even better if the toilet is bigger
  • Domanic
    Good hotel, convenient transportation, a little bit chaotic around
  • newfiner
    Nice hotels, will go in the future.
  • Andrew889
    just so so
  • e00037506
    That's good
  • fuweimasa
    Good, cheap prices